55+ Home Decor Captions & Quotes for Instagram

55+ Home Decor Captions & Quotes for Instagram


Putting your home, its decor, and its aesthetics out there on various social media platforms is such a delightful experience. You feel like a proud mom who is showing off her child’s achievement cause your home's gorgeous aesthetics, interiors, and decor are solely a reflection of your hard work. But wait, are you just paying attention to the visuals or have you sorted out your prose or the “captions” under your stunning clicks too?

If you Google for home decor captions right now, Google will bombard you with so many confusing and rather diluted options that barely help you pick what’s best for you. In this blog, we will be giving you more than 50 home decor captions for Instagram that will let your followers and audience know your sassy, fun, cute, quirky, and poetic side too. Because visuals aren’t always enough to make you shine!


Captions for Cozy Spaces

Captions for home decor and home decor quotes for Instagram often go hand-in-hand and in fact, can be used interchangeably because one shows your creative side and the other your pop culture mania that is again an excellent reflection of your personality. Here are a few room decor captions and home decor Instagram captions you can easily adore your cozy spaces posts with.

  1. Nurturing my space, one cosy corner at a time.
  2. Living in a Pinterest-worthy paradise!
  3. Every detail tells a story of style and love.
  4. Making memories amidst these beautiful walls.
  5. Wherever life plants you, bloom with decor!
  6. My happy place, wrapped in warm hues.
  7. Creating magic in the heart of my home.
  8. Happiness is a well-decorated room!
  9. Mirror, mirror on the wall, you reflect a fabulous home!
  10. My happy place, my sanctuary.
  11. This is where the magic happens.
  12. Love at first sight, decor edition.
  13. Every corner, a masterpiece.
  14. Small spaces, big impact.

Inspirational Design Quotes

Do you know what I love to do when I have a creative block? Clean, I make my space spotless. Home decor, cleaning, and maintenance have a very inspiring quality that not only declutters your space but your mind too. Keeping this inspirational quality in mind, here are a few captions for interior design companies if this creative and individualistic field inspires you.

  1. Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. 
  2. There never has been a house so bad that it couldn't be made over into something worthwhile.
  3. Decoration of the home is the same as meditation on the soul
  4. If you want a change in your lifestyle, first change your home interior and then see.
  5. Behind every attractive room, there should be a very good reason
  6. A person's home is their castle.
  7. Creativity is nothing but a mindset free. 
  8. We don't believe in moving to a new place and replicating the one you left behind. Where's the fun in that? 
  9. We shape our homes and then our homes shape. 
  10. Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is

Minimalist Elegance

A new word that every home decor and interior decorator enthusiast likes to throw around these days is “minimalism” “minimalist’ or “minimal”. Well, the Instagram audience is digging it, so why not add a hint of it to your feed as well with these Minimalist Elegance home decor Instagram captions. Check them out.

  1. Make the most of the most important place on earth – home.
  2. Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love.
  3. Owning less creates an opportunity to live more.
  4. A home that is filled with only the things you love and use will be a home that you love to use.
  5. Never organize what you can discard.
  6. at every possession is belonging.
  7. You don’t need more space.  You need less stuff.  
  8. Leave nothing on the floors except for furniture.
  9. One underappreciated benefit of minimalism is the ability to walk confidently through your bedroom with the lights off.
  10. If you need nice things to impress your friends, you have the wrong friends. 
  11. As choice increases, so does paralysis of decision.
  12. It’s better to have extra time on your hands and extra money in your pocket than extra stuff in your closet.
  13. A minimalist home can be a home that’s always primed to say, “Welcome.”  
  14. Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have to fill it with stuff.
  15. Picture your dream home. I bet it’s not filled with clutter. 

DIY and Personal Touches

I think after your name, your home is the closest thing to you. It’s intimate, it’s your personality, it’s your quirks, it’s your strengths, it’s your flaws, it’s YOU! So, DIY, personal touches, makeshift items, and craziness are bound to be all around. Now that you have found the perfect way to capture them, put them into words too with these DIY and personal touches on home decor captions for Instagram.

  1. No matter how big or small it may be, feel your inner creativity come alive. #Diy.
  2. What’s more satisfying than taking a DIY approach to something? How sweet is your weekend?
  3. Time to get your hands dirty and turn all your adventures into wall art. 
  4. Grab your glue gun, paintbrush, pliers and whatever else you’re going to pull apart this weekend and try these crafts! 
  5. Let’s DIY our way into some new winter looks!
  6. Use your creativity to make something cool for the holidays.
  7. I’m in the mood for a colourful DIY project.
  8. Find your inspiration, and let it shine through your decor.
  9. Designing a life we love, right within these walls.
  10. A dash of color can transform any space.
  11. Home is the canvas; decor is the art.

Captions for Seasonal Decor Changes

Seasons change, and so does home decor, Weather drops and so do new home decor aesthetic images! Make sure you welcome the seasonal change with fantastic clicks and witty home decor captions for Instagram. Here are a few captions for home decor you can use:

  1. It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas.
  2. I was cold, so I made an igloo.
  3. Make it a December to Remember.
  4. A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. A blessed Christmas to you!
  5. You rock my Christmas socks.
  6. What did one ornament say to another? ‘I like hanging with you
  7. I’ll be ho-ho-home for Christmas.
  8. Meet me under the mistletoe.
  9. What I like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present.
  10. Fairy Lights on Winter Nights.”
  11. “It is the Season to Sparkle.”
  12. “Christmas Magic is in the air.”
  13. “Kindness is Free, Sprinkle that Stuff Everywhere.”
  14. A perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect.
  15. There’s snow place like home.

Quotes on Creating Memories at Home

 It’s quotes time!! I bet you were dying to know why I haven’t included any quotes in my list of captions so far. Worry not, I was saving the best for the last! Home decor quotes for Instagram on creating memories. The kind of content you consume and watch can be greatly reflected through your little quirks, these home decor quotes for Instagram can be a small snippet of what you enjoy reading in your free time when you’re not obsessing over your home!

  1. “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”
  2. “Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”
  3. “In this home… We do second chances. We do real. We do mistakes. We do I’m sorrys. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do together best of all.”
  4. “Home is where one starts from.” –T.S. Eliot
  5. “It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realized what’s changed is you.”-F. Scott Fitzgerald
  6. “It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home.”
  7. “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”
  8. “The thrill of coming home has never changed. “
  9. “No matter who you are or where you are, instinct tells you to go home.”-Laura Marney
  10. “Feeling sad to leave doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.”
  11.   “You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it, you go home and share it with your family.”-Anita Baker
  12. “Family, like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”
  13. “We might be miles apart, but I’ll always carry you in my heart.”
  14. “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”
  15. “Never leave home without a kiss, a hug and an I love you.”


Remember, you have worked very hard on creating a home for yourself that speaks volumes of your personality, your exquisite taste, and your refined aesthetics, make sure you flaunt them with the utmost elegance, the most heart-touching clicks, and top them off with the most touching home decor captions for Instagram. Next time you’re planning an interesting post and a caption for an interior design company, you’re planning to show off your new home addition with captivating home decor captions, or just want to put up a simple story with cute home decor quotes for Instagram, make sure you save this blog! For more home decor tips and a range of premium home decor items, make sure you check out Zarf Studios!


1. Why are captions and quotes important for Instagram home decor posts?

Home decor quotes for Instagram and home decor captions for Instagram are extremely essential for you to elevate the aesthetics of your Instagram pictures or stories. They ensure they increase your reach to your target audience with the right hashtags and tags and also with relevant text.

2. How can I make my Instagram home decor posts stand out even more with these captions and quotes?

Here are a few tips that you can follow while crafting your home decor Instagram captions:

  • Be descriptive
  • Ask questions
  • Play with puns
  • Highlight details
  • Share anecdotes
  • Use emojis & relevant hashtags
  • Create a series
  • Share tips and tricks
  • Always add a CTA
  • Mix long and short captions
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