A Detailed Guide To Select A Comforter For Your Bedroom

A Detailed Guide To Select A Comforter For Your Bedroom


“The right bedding is a prime necessity for relaxing sleep and a refreshing start of the day”.                             


With the never-ending share of struggles, stress and anxiety taking a toll on you everyday, you just can not expect yourself to unwind and sleep peacefully at night. However, just like a puzzle requires all its pieces to be completed, you too need elements like good bedding to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed. Couple it with a scented candle and I dare you not witness a magical transformation into a rejuvenating setting.

Slide down into this blog to pick the right comforter to achieve the comfort and sleep of your dreams.

●   What is a comforter?

A comforter simply refers to a bedding item that not only enhances the quality of your resting space but also promotes sound sleep. It is a quilted blanket that provides optimum comfort and creates a premium space for you to unwind, relax and sleep.

●  Types of Comforters

You must have often come across terms like, California king-size, king size ,and microfiber or cotton quilted comforters, etc. Well, it sure does put one's shopping experience to test. Here’s to end all of that confusion once and for all:
1.    The Size of the comforters: While you set out to buy the comforter for your bed, you should be familiar with the sizes and dimensions and what all they are called:

  • California King-size comforter: It comes with dimensions of around 90”-110” x 92”-108”
  • King-Size comforter: It comes with dimensions of around 90”-108” x 86”-108”.
  • Queen Size Comforter: It comes with dimensions of around 86”-90” x 90”-100”.

    2.    The Usage: Based on the usage of the comforter, following are its types:

  • All-season Comforters: These comforters are made from such materials like microfibre that can be all year round.
  • Seasonal Comforter: These comforters are particularly made for a season such as cotton comforters that are to be used during summers.

    While Comforters add a charm of elegance to your room, you can enhance it a level more by placing a jute rug at the foot of your bed. It will not only complement the comforter but make the setting of the room look visually pleasant.

    ●   Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Comforter

Here are some of the basic points that will help to choose a comforter and what all things to consider to enhance your home decor simultaneously:

  1. The size: There’s no point in buying a small sized or oversized comforter for your bed. In order to reap the benefits you should check with the dimensions of your bed and tally with the comforter’s size and buy accordingly.
  2. The Fabric: Microfibre comforters have gained popularity in a short span of time owing to its lightweight and easy to maintain feature. Various comforter sets with different fillings and fabrics are available out there, so it’s important to find the one that will last longer.
  3. The Construction: This term here refers to the even distribution of the fill across the comforter to avoid clumping. So you should go for either a baffle-box or box stitching patterned comforter.
  4. The Purpose: You should hands down go for cotton comforters if you are looking for a summer season comforter and opt for microfibre quilted comforters to dress your bed for all seasons.
  5. The Maintenance: Dry or spot cleaning is too hectic of a thing for comforters and for you overall. When you have the option to buy the ones that can be machine washed and easily dried up, opting for the ones that need dry cleaning or a particular method to dry up would be a little unwise.

    Maintaining and Caring for Your Comforter

One of the parameters of paramount importance in a comforter buying guide is its maintenance. You wouldn’t want to invest in a comforter that requires high-maintenance, or might be too delicate to survive through the daily wear and tear. Here are a few tips that will help you in its maintenance:

  1. Read the maintenance instructions properly before buying a comforter.
  2. Opt for the comforters that can be machine-washed.
  3. Use a duvet cover for comforters that require dry cleaning.
  4. Once you wash the comforter, make sure to rinse it thoroughly to let the detergent come out to avoid bad odor and allergies.
  5. When not in use, try storing your comforter in a storage bag properly.

    ●  Conclusion

    A good night’s sleep is a myth until you don’t have the right bedding for it. Be it AC blankets during summer nights or comforter sets in general, your resting space should be an inviting place and induce a sense of relief and relaxation right after you hit it.


1. Are there comforter options for people with allergies?

Yes, comforters made with microfibre material are the ideal choice for normal and also people with frequent allergies. These comforters are hypoallergenic and resist allergens like dust mites, pollens etc completely preventing any allergic reactions.

2. How do I select the right size comforter for my bed?

The comforter buying guide will help you on How to choose a comforter for your bed and here are a few things that will assist you with the same:

  • - Know the size of your bed.
  • - For an accurate size, measure the dimensions of your mattress.
  • - Select the appropriate comforter size across king, queen and other sizes based on your bed’s dimensions.
  • - A double bed would require a comforter of (80 x 86 inches).
  • - A queen sized bed would need a comforter of (86 x 86 inches).
  • - A king sized bed should have a comforter of (104 x 86 inches).
  • - A California King bed requires a comforter of (102 x 90 inches).
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