Turn Your Living Room into a Cozy Retreat

Turn Your Living Room into a Cozy Retreat

What’s the most added adjective nowadays to search for minimal home decor or living room ideas? Do you know? No? Let me tell you!

It’s COZY! Caught you!! Tell me you haven’t searched for it! 

I mean while I was looking for an inspiration to write a blog on, all I found people searching for was “Cozy living room ideas”, “warm and cozy living room ideas” and even “cozy living room design.”

I came across this query so much that it didn’t require any further effort on the research and I decided to present to you what you have been looking for all along: “How To Set Up A Cozy Living Room”.

  • Why A Cozy Living Room

    Now when we talk of a cozy living room, we intend to have a space that could be the most comfortable, warm and inviting one. With such a regular hustle bustle of our daily lives, we all yearn for a peaceful interaction with oneself to retain the sanity and unwind. 

    A cozy space also refers to a place where every element has a meaning, be it as small as romantic candles to as big as cozy comforters. A space that you truly allow yourself to immerse and gain new perspectives towards a lot of things.

    It is a space that loves you back and provides equal warmth and welcome to not just you but all its visitors. 

    A small cozy living room with perfectly placed furniture, mute-toned walls, neutral window treatments, a floor with a natural and earthy vibe…How perfect!

  • Styling Tips For a Cozy Living Room

    A cozy small living room decor consists of elements that exude a vibe and serve a purpose. And by that I don’t mean that bird who looks as a decorative piece but is also a toothpick dispenser. You know what I mean, don’t you?

    The element can be as useless as an artificial leaf trail unless it has a meaning in your eyes. Something that has a captivating sight or helps in the aesthetics you want to create. Here are a few cozy apartment living room ideas:

    1. Scented Candles:

      The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of setting up a cozy living room is a perfumed space that plays the right chords to uplift the mood and create a vibe.
    2. Jute Carpet:

      When I talked about the “Floor exuding rustic and earthy vibes” this is what I meant. A treat to your feet and a natural element for a blissful look and feel of the space.
    3. Cozy Comforter:

      A cozy space would be incomplete without a warm and restful bedding. A cozy comforter or a soft AC blanket to get through the AC nights without one of your feet sneaking out. Haha!
    4. Sheer & Blackout Drapes:

      Yes, as much as they sound conflicting they are equally useful and do the space just right. Blackout curtains that block every trace of light for the days you want to sleep in or for a weekend you'd like to spend on bed, or for any regular day that seems as dark as blackout curtains where you just want to shut off.
      And sheer curtains for the days you feel bright inside out and let the sunshine in or for creating a romantic setting for your loved ones or to make the space look more aesthetic.
    5. Natural Decor:

      Apart from the jute carpet there are other natural materials that you can add to your space making it cozy like a wooden table, or a wooden shelf, hand woven planter baskets etc. Add green plants and a few flower vases to create a natural and serene environment.
    6. Neutral Color Tone:

      I think the Letter “C” in the word “Cozy” stands for color because it has a lot to do with it. The right color tone, neutral, muted ones will elevate your space and make it feel right without even having to do much.
    7. Less Stuff Enhanced Vibe:

      A clean, clutter-free space with just the objects and elements of use will save you a lot of time and transform your living room magically.


      A cozy living room is all about striking a right balance between a couple of elements. It has to be minimal yet give a complete look to the entire space. It has a lot to do with the feeling, incorporating elements that give out a vibe and make the space irresistible. It's about, “I can’t wait to get back” feeling.


1. How can I make my living room cozy?

You can make your living room cozy in following ways:

  • Use soft texture of all elements all around the space.
  • Use warm lighting.
  • Layer the floor with a carpet or a rug.
  • Stuff the couch with some cozy cushions.
  • Add some green plants.
  • Include a scented candle.
  • Opt for mute-toned walls.
  • Prefer window draperies soft in color.
2. What makes rooms feel cozy?

A warm lighting with curtains drawn in, a floor with the layer of a natural carpet and strategically placed furniture against walls with light color tones and the atmosphere infused with a soft fragrance. This would do.

3. What are the decor things which we can use to enhance living room decor?
  • Scented Candle.
  • Jute carpet.
  • Dried flowers.
  • Green plants.
  • Curtain Tiebacks.
  • Wooden hanging shelf.
  • Table lamp.
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