About Us

About Us

Zarf, for the finer things in life and for the beauty of intimacy. 

Zarf is all about the intimacy of your own space and the warmth you feel with your secret thoughts and the contentment you get from the luxury and comfort of life. Zarf believes that even if your space is a little cluttered you can still happily say “It's MINE”. 

Zarf home decor elements are aesthetically pleasing and minimal, created specifically for a premium lifestyle and to elevate the daily experiences of life with romance, intimacy and a whole lot of authenticity.

Zarf’s products are created through in-house manufacturing to give you that touch of sincerity that is purely a reflection of your space and your presence in it along with your loved ones. 

Young people who are just starting out their independent lives alone or as couples often want to create a HOME for themselves that is all about them and reflects their taste and their choices. These individuals want elements that add aesthetic value to their life, are authentic in their approach and are genuine of superb quality. Price range isn’t an issue for them and minimalism best suits their palette instead of flashy aesthetics. We fit their purchasing criteria perfectly with our premium quality, minimal and aesthetically pleasing home decor elements that give them a sense of belongingness, intimacy, and independence and add to the aesthetic value of their life. We help them create their own homes. 

Experience self-preservation and minimalism and give yourself a lot of affection with the youth of Zarf.

office Address

EMAIL: help@zarfstudios.com
ADDRESS : Village Alipur Khalsa, Khotpura Road,Karnal, Karnal, Haryana, 132114